Results from the MAAT North Shore Junior 1 Day Tournament

Sunday 24th May at 8am the first games commenced for the MAAT North Shore Junior 1 day tournament. 52 young players  from clubs around Auckland and a young player from Whangarei descended on the [...]

JETS NO play Queens Birthday for some

NEWS FLASH !! QB Weekend Changes – NO JETS..except for Grads & E grade players The Jets organiser has decided we can all have a SQUASH HOLIDAY – except Grads & E grade, who have matches [...]

Maat North Shore Junior 1 Day Draws

Welcome to the North Shore Junior 1 Day Tournament to be held on Sunday 24th May We are starting at 8am and there will be a supper after prize giving The kitchen will be open from 11am for food [...]

Junior JETS results for the 10th May

H E L L O H ! Mothers Day – Yet another good reason to play squash!!!! GRADS+ NEWS… Good to Hear Zonal is breaking hearts…a gutsy 3-2 win today. Poor mum ruined her nails, again. TEAMS Great [...]

First Rounds of JETS results

Hello There Junior Squashy Stars   Great start to competition with wins to 3 teams. Special mention – Eric Lee – he played a superb, controlled game – keep it up! Good effort by newbie [...]