JETS Results 30/09/2015

GREETINGS to “The Young Ones”   Tip of the Week – Label your squash racket!  (with your name)   VARIOUS RESULTS FROM TODAY   Zonal …no play today postponed Sean..Sneaked a [...]

Update on JETS

Howdy   Updated Teams Roster as per junior page….there have been a couple of changes…please check it !   FINALS – ARE FAST APPROACHING….just a few rounds left…the WASPS and the COMRADES [...]

“Wow what a weekend it was”

The weekend has come and gone and the club was a buzz with activity. Friday night Graeme Knowles was awarded the North Harbour Sport  Volunteer of the Month Award. This was presented to a very [...]

JETS Results 16/08/2015

HELLO…Budding Squash Stars   TEAMS RESULT FROM TODAY   Zonal had a win almost as good as the AB’s  (saw you at the Game on TV buddy !) Pawan, Ethan and Chris had wins too.   NS Wasps 8  [...]

Draws for Fun Doubles

Fun Doubles starting at 12.30pm Doubles 1 Doubles 2  

New Zealand Masters Team Named and WBHS winners

NZ Masters Team  with 3 North Shore Players featuring The New Zealand team to play Australia at Napier 12-15 October have been named and there will be 3 North Shore players in the team. Lisa [...]

JETS results from Sunday!

HELLO…Budding Squasherhythms   TEAMS RESULT FROM TODAY NS Wasps – “smashed em bro”  style wins to Josh, Jess and ……Matthew opponents just too scared to play him (??) NS Ninjas – Felix got [...]

JETS Results from Sunday

HELLO…   Teams – Roster Changes There have a been a few changes   Defaulted Game to be Re-Played (did that make sense??) Last Round the SP Pumas went home after Round 1…but were due to [...]