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TEAMS – looks like some other team have snuck thru and will contest the Round 2 Final games this Sunday…

Meanwhile..we still have the Round 1 games to contest:…and note that the VENUES are as below:

COMRADES & NINJAS play at North Shore
WASPS & GUNNERS – play at Browns Bay

COMRADES Rory, Jared, Danielle
NINJAS Justin, Amy, Douglas
WASPS Jess, Jordan, Matthew
GUNNERS: Neha, Georgia, Daniel

Final round this coming Sunday and still in the balance who will finish top in both leagues. In League A the BB Buccaneers & BB Bears are level and 6 points clear of the field with bottom half teams to play in both cases. They will almost certainly take the top 2 spots but the NS Wasps playing bottom placed Silverdale on Sunday are waiting in the wings should either team slip up.

League B is less clear with Henderson sitting top alongside the BB Blobs who are played out but with the third placed BP Breakers to play this Sunday. The Breakers need to beat Henderson by 5 points to take top spot or 6 points to get past second placed Blobfish and contest third place.

The second round on Sunday will see the two group winners battle the final and a 3rd place play-off between the second placed teams. A complicating factor is that the Blobfish have a bye so need to be on stand by for a possible 3rd place play-off match at NS from about 10.30am.

A notable performance on Sunday came from the all girl Devonport Diamonds outfit who took out an all male SP V8’s team with impressive wins for T3 debutante, Mikayla Jolly, Sophie Bradley and Maddie Sinclair. Top effort girls and good and you’re providing the boys with a real challenge. Lots of 5 setters played elsewhere and it’s always good to see evenly matches which was the founding purpose of JETS.

GRADUATES & “E” League
Following the no shows on Sunday there are now 5 outstanding matches from League A and 4 from League B. I’d welcome advice on any matches that are either planned or have already been played. The final round is scheduled for Devonport this weekend and can players please correspond with me about their catch-up plans, thanks.

The “E” league has accelerated with Ben Wilkie having played his outstanding matches and it now remains for Keenan to catch up following his unavailability due to illness. I’m hoping to stage the final games at NS from 10.30 on Sunday and all previously postponed matches will need to be played beforehand.

Upcoming tournaments
Browns Bay host an A2 tournament 25/27 Sept with a $40 entry fee for adults and $30 for juniors.

Howick has a Junior One dayer on Sunday Sept 13th but players need to be aware of JETS commitments especially likely team finalists who will play 2 matches that day.

And finally Royal Oak has a “B” grade tournament 25/27 Sept for an entry fee of $35 (early bird $30).

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