JETS results 17-10-2015

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Hello Squash Seeds

The good news is that the AB’s won, sadly tho our Squash teams got slaughtered !!!………..we can only get better right?

We have re-shuffled our teams and for some players its ‘a step up’…which can be tough going at first.

Learn from your losses – ask yourself  – what do I need to ask Paul about !!


Results from the weekend:

Naaa…………………………………..let’s move on !




There were 4 defaults affecting NS during the weekend.

Shepherds Park had two players fail to show – without letting us know – they have been ‘counselled’.  Sorry – to  Amy & Jordan for wasted trips to Devonport.

  • If you are unable to play or feel confused about whether you are playing or where you playing or what day it is or anything or all of the above Danielle….let me know !


Junior Club night – Is On – see you there.


Next weekend – NO JETS – its labour weekend, and an opportunity to cheer the AB’s again….and an opportunity to sneak down to the club for some practice.


NS Club Champs

These will be held W-T-F-S …Oct 28 etc – it’s your chance to mix it up a bit with the Club Seniors. The Junior games will probably be Friday 30th night and Saturday 31st.

It’s a knock-out competition so you if you lose, you’re out….!

And this is a no points competition – you are playing for PRIDE !!…and without fear of losing those hard earned competition points.


$$ ENTRY ONLY $10  for J Graders…c’mon…!!!!…. Enter now, and enter by:  Adding your name to the list in the Lobby, or email me, or email Sharon

  • Competing in this will also be some valuable competition practice before the next round of Jets on Sunday 1st Nov…which is a double round by the way…


New Teams Player – welcome aboard to Myriam Lotfy…who has been added to Team: Ninjas

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